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Nahlidge is from New England. Growing up he watched music transform from what it was in the late 80's into what it's become now. Taking influence from the GOATs, he crafted a sound that is very heavy on lyrics with a message, witty wordplay, melodic beats and versatile flows.

As an aspiring artist, Nahlidge hopes to reach as many people as possible. Whether through a lyric, song, dug up memories or good vibes, he aims to connect with listener's to make them feel something and remember life is beautiful. It just has some ugly spots. Music is life. Life is music. Sometimes it just loses rhythm. It's about finding a balance.

Nahlidge wants to help us find and maintain that balance through honest, thought provoking, catchy rhymes crafted over dope beats. Bouncy flows, sing-a-long lyrics, but with a message. There's too much dumbed down music out there already. Be you. Not everybody has to like you. Love yourself. That's the only time you will be able to fully love others. The world needs more love. And more Nahlidge.